Lipedema Relief with Thigh Liposuction and Monogram Technique*

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Meet our patient, a woman in her 60s seeking relief from lipedema affecting her thighs. Opting for a transformative solution, this patient chose thigh liposuction with Dr. Miles, incorporating his innovative Monogram Thigh technique to target fat removal and reduce cellulite. The procedure specifically addressed excess fat and cellulite in this patient's thighs, providing both aesthetic enhancement and therapeutic relief. Dr. Miles' precision ensured the seamless integration of the thigh liposuction and Monogram Thigh techniques, resulting in smoother contours and improved leg function. Following the procedure, our patient experienced a remarkable improvement in the appearance and comfort of her thighs. The thigh liposuction with Monogram Thighs not only enhanced her physical well-being but also rejuvenated her confidence and grace, allowing her to embrace life with renewed vigor in her 60s.

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