Brazilian Butt Lift in Tampa, FL

A surgery known as the Brazilian butt lift is notably one of the fastest-growing cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. and continues to be in popular demand among both women and men. This surgery allows individuals to naturally obtain rounder and shapelier buttocks without an implant. Weight loss, the aging process, and genetics can cause a deflated butt. Today, a fuller, shapelier rear end is considered desirable. A fat transfer to the buttocks adds volume to the patient's area to create a rounder look. This is accomplished through a careful and precise fat transfer process, which utilizes liposuction to remove fat from the abdomen and flanks, commonly known as "love handles," and then transfer it into your butt. It takes an artistic eye to perfect this procedure, and with years of experience and training, Dr. Robert Miles can create natural-looking, gorgeous results at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting in Tampa, FL.

Dr. Miles uses local anesthesia for fat transfer surgery. It is an outpatient procedure and in most cases takes a few hours (it depends on the amount of fat that is being liposuctioned and reinstated). A form of liposuction will be performed first to remove fat from predetermined areas on the body, such as the hips, abdomen, lower back, and thighs. This process of fat extraction is performed precisely and safely. The extracted fat is never exposed to open air since it is intricately purified in a closed and sterile system. After this process, the highest quality fat tissue is harvested and put into syringes. Next is the injection phase where the healthy fat tissue is injected layer by layer, followed by a gentle massage to make sure the surface is even and smooth. This phase is repeated multiple times until the desired size and shape have been attained.

In addition to providing a rounded-out, attractive butt, a Brazilian butt lift in Tampa, FL has some great benefits, including:

  • Enhancing ratios: The improvement to the buttocks from a Brazilian butt lift will add a better shape, whether you only hope for a curvier backside or an hourglass figure.
  • Cutting down on unwanted fat: As a BBL takes fat from additional spots of the body to add to your rear end, you'll enjoy the double perk of reducing unwanted fat in your abdomen, quads, hips, and muffin top.
  • Natural feel: Brazilian butt lifts look more organic than other fillers or implants.
  • Noticeable outcomes: The benefits of a Brazilian butt lift are obvious nearly instantly.
  • Trusted enhancement: Since a BBL implements your body's host fat, there is a small chance of a negative rejection when contrasted with artificial fillers, ruptured implants, or complications from surgery.

If I could do 1000 stars I would. I can not say enough about Dr. MILES AND TEAM! The office is immaculate and the staff is on point! I would highly recommend. You will not be disappointed!!! My results are exactly what the doc said they would be! I am 7 weeks out and I am so happy. My body is amazing. I had lipo360, signature waist and BBL. I went from 35 hips, 36 waist, 41 underbra to 28.5, waist, 40.5 hips, 34.5 underbra at only 7 weeks and still not fully healed! I will forever be grateful for my body TEAM:)

M.F. Google

Very happy with my experience with Dr miles. For the longest time I was going back and forth between getting the surgery or cancelling because I was terrified lol. This wasn’t my first bbl but the first doctor I went to kind of botched me, so I seemed miles in hopes he would fix what the last doctor messed up and he definitely did. The shape I currently have is something I’ve never had before and I’m so so pleased with it. I’m 4 days post op and honestly I feel good. The pain was a 6/10 at most. I’ve been taking Tylenol but today I haven’t needed to take anything. Something I’d recommend is getting IV hydration after your surgery, I think that’s why I feel so great. Overall I would 100% recommend miles honestly it’s been such a easy experience

T.(. Google

Dr Miles is an expert in all forms of Liposuction and BBL. His focus is the best aesthetic results for his patients... and he delivers. A great AND kind, doctor.

J.L. Google

Tampa Bay Body Sculpting is the absolute best. I am around 3 weeks post op and I feel great. I was able to walk around and return home (5 hour drive) the very next day. My results are amazing. Dr. Miles gave me exactly what I wanted. My waist is snatched to the Gods and my butt is round and perfect. If you were considering them for liposuction, Do It! You will not regret it! Choosing Tampa Bay Body Sculpting was one of the best decisions, I’ve ever made. Chelsey, Maria and Dr. Miles are a great team. I call them the Dream Team.

C.B. Google

I’m am so happy with my surgery, I did a lipo with bbl, dr miles, nurses and helper were very kind with me. They answer all my question no matter the time they were there for me. I truly recomended them. I had the most wonderful experience

J.R. Google


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This procedure has become so popular because it allows people the chance to attain the full and round buttocks they have always wanted. With the world around us focusing on a round, healthy bottom, the Brazilian butt lift has quickly become one of our specialties at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting. If you wish to have an enhanced shape to your buttocks and are looking for a natural method, we welcome you to phone Tampa Bay Body Sculpting in Tampa, FL to schedule your consultation with Dr. Miles.

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