Chin and Neck Liposuction in Tampa, FL

At Tampa Bay Body Sculpting, Dr. Robert Miles specializes in chin and neck liposuction, targeting the persistent neck fat responsible for the dreaded double chin. By making discreet incisions, he eliminates fat to sculpt a refined jawline and neck, delivering a slimmer profile and tightened skin for a rejuvenated look. This minimally invasive procedure can stand alone or complement other treatments. As a unique addition to the Autograph Collection, the exclusive Insignia Facial offered only at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting is Dr. Miles's pioneering method to counteract aging. Instead of temporary fillers, he utilizes specialized techniques to extract unwanted fat from the chin, neck, and jowl regions and strategically repositions it to areas marked by wrinkles and aging signs. To explore the possibilities of neck liposuction and achieve a youthful, revitalized neckline, consider scheduling a virtual consultation with Dr. Miles at his Tampa, FL practice.

For neck liposuction, Dr. Miles employs a cannula, a specialized suctioning tool, to remove unwanted fat via a tiny incision under the jawline. He incorporates the tumescent, or "superwet" method, which involves injecting a combined numbing solution into the target area, minimizing bleeding. Afterward, the incision is closed using fine stitches. While effective as a standalone procedure, many patients opt to pair it with other treatments, like a neck lift, to achieve their desired look. Recovery typically lasts about a day, though it varies among individuals. As the healing progresses, the skin naturally tightens. The use of tumescent fluid during the surgery, combined with a post-operative compression garment, further promotes skin firmness.

The natural effects of advancing in age or putting on weight can commonly generate undesirable fat in the neck area beneath the chin. Having neck liposuction in Tampa, FL at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting tackles unpleasant neck or chin fat to revitalize and renew your aesthetic with numerous impressive benefits, for instance:

  • Outlines and modifies your profile
  • May be coupled with other facial plastic surgeries or a chin implant
  • Increases definition to the chin
  • Scars are minimal and nearly invisible
  • Evens out appearance
  • Recovery period is quick
  • Adds definition to your jawline
  • Attains a more vibrant aesthetic
  • Removes stubborn, unwanted fat in the chin and neck areas
  • Minimizes a double chin

Dr Miles and his team were absolutely amazing. The clinic is very clean and comfortable. His team was so kind throughout the whole process. He explained everything in depth regarding, recovery, expectations, and results. I had chin lipo, upper and lower abdomen lipo and, pubic area. So far my recovery experience is exactly how he described and minimal pain. Will recommend Dr. Miles to anyone interested in cosmetic procedures. Thank you Tampa Bay Body Sculpting!

A.P. Google

Oh my gosh. I’m only two days post op and I am already SO SO SO happy with my results. It is everything I could’ve asked for plus so much more. Dr. Miles made me feel beautiful again and I cannot thank him enough. I got lipo 360 and chin lipo and I can confidently say my whole experience was perfection. From the receptionist, to the nurse, to Dr. Miles himself. They made me feel extremely comfortable and at home, they listened to all my questions and concerns and took my overall experience above and beyond. There is no place I would recommend more than Tampa Bay Body Sculpting!

C.J. Google


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Neck and chin liposuction is an excellent way to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from the neck, chiseling the neckline and freeing you of an unwanted double chin. Our practice is always thrilled to help Tampa, FL patients gather more confidence in their overall appearance by offering a number of aesthetic procedures. Dr. Miles is dedicated to working with you to provide the results you deserve. To find out more about neck liposuction or to schedule your virtual consultation, contact Tampa Bay Body Sculpting today.

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